Welcome Back!

This week I was able to go back to my classroom for a short time. Take things off the walls, put away personal items, clean off my desk. Basically, the process of closing things up for summer.

Typically, this day happens in late May and is followed by a celebration with colleagues at a local restaurant. We congratulate each other on making it through the school year. We talk about plans for the summer. Not this time…

The building was empty, quiet. Only a few teachers are allowed in at the same time to work. The only sounds came from the precious workers in the cafeteria, busy preparing the food being distributed to our families.

My daughter, Rachel, went with me to help. Both of us wearing face masks. It didn’t take us long to get things packed away. I only had two small boxes to carry home-some personal piano music and my Freddie the Frog puppet.

The final step was turning in my keys. This action usually comes with a sigh of relief. A pause in responsibility, allowing rest after a hard year’s work. Not so much.

Once we were back home, I found myself feeling grumpy and irritable. I tried reading a little. I had a zoom meeting with my team-our last official one of this year. Everything just felt strange.

Maybe a nap would help. Clear my head, at least. It did not completely change my mood, but it did allow some perspective.

It’s no surprise I was feeling strange! This is not how the school year is supposed to end. It is supposed to end with celebrations, hugs, goodbyes, and even a few tears. Those things will not happen.

I was missing that “Hooray for summer!” time with colleagues because I missed the “Hooray for summer!” time with students.

My classroom is empty. Ready for a fresh start. Hopefully, that fresh start begins with a happy, “Welcome back!”

Freddie will be making appearances in some upcoming Zoom meetings. 😉 ❤

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. My husband teaches in a public high school … now from his home office, and it’s not at all to his liking. No prediction at this point re how the next school year will begin. All very disillusioning. But: this is a grand experiment in alternative learning possibilities and some of what’s happening now may well prove of value ongoing. Still, teachers and students need to interact! In Texas, another 3 weeks of distance teaching … then we go camping! (unless … )

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  2. How challenging it is to process all the emotions of having the school year end differently than we expected. Then end of the school year was always filled with mixed emotions for me. I hope that all of the teachers, parents and kiddos will take care of their hearts. I know we can find a way forward.
    I am so looking forward to writing with you this week. I still have room in the series if you know someone, maybe even a teacher, that would like to unload her thoughts in the calm of the writing circle.
    Take care and keep on writing.

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