Cookie Sheet Life Lessons

My cookie sheets are twenty-six years old. They were a wedding present and came as a set of two. Very nice, air-bake sheets which have proven faithful over the years.

I did not always take the best care of these baking sheets. They even went through the dishwasher a time or two. I know, I know, that is a big no-no! But somehow, they survived my inexperience.

Many dozens of sugar cookies, gingerbread men, and chocolate chip cookies baked on these cookie sheets over the years. I’m not sure exactly when, but at some point, my chocolate chip cookies became the famous ones.

I love baking and sharing them with others. They’ve been present for celebrations of victory and times of grief. They’ve reminded my children how much I love them. The intended message always being, “I am thinking of you.”

I believe these baking sheets are crucial to the success of the cookies. They now look worn and are covered with stains. Some might think they should be replaced, but I can’t imagine my cookies coming out of the oven on anything else.

These days I take extra care of the pans. Wash them immediately after the baking is done, dry them thoroughly and carefully put them away. I wish I had treated them that way from the beginning.

Yes, I know they are only things. But the way I treat things influences my attitude in general. If I take material things for granted, acting as if they are easily replaceable, I run the risk of being wasteful and ungrateful.

So, here’s to life lessons from my cookie sheets. Every time I use them, they remind me that time is precious. They remind me of the importance of thinking about others. And they remind me that just because something appears to be worn out, it is still capable of producing great things. ❤

Oh, and they remind me how much I love chocolate chip cookies. 😉

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