Be You

We’ve always said this to our children, ”Be you.” We wanted them to be confident in themselves and their abilities and interests. Of course, this was paired with the importance of working hard and giving your best. And when your dad is the principal, well…you don’t get away with much.

Please don’t misunderstand, we are far from being perfect parents. Sometimes I worry we were too tough. But somehow these three have turned out to be pretty amazing individuals.

Our oldest is a dedicated teacher, currently in his second year, kind. Our youngest, an artist, funny, graduating high school this spring. Two brothers.

Which leaves their sister in the middle. I think she got the best of both worlds-an older brother to offer guidance and a younger one to help guide, or boss around. 😉

This girl is beautiful, confident, and strong. She’s known what she wanted to do for as long as I can remember-be a special education teacher for high school students and young adults. College graduation rapidly approaching and a first official job interview tomorrow!

Is she excited? Yes!

Is she nervous? Probably a little.

But we have every confidence in her. Today I want to shout, ”Just be you! Don’t be afraid to say what you want. You’ve got this!”

Look out Special Education world, here comes our girl!

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