Study AP Sets

From the heart of an amazing teacher.

one good thing

As I was walking around second hour today, I noticed a student had written, in all caps, “STUDY AP SETS” on the homework assignment they had just received.

They have an AP Set Quiz tomorrow.

I know most of these students don’t share my absurd passion for rates of change and my undeniable love of calculus.

And yet they throw themselves into this like it’s everything.

I’m tearing up writing these words…

Maybe that’s because I keep seeing posts about how millennials–the generation I teach–are lazy; about how they want instant results and immediate gratification.


Are we so sure about this?

The kids who spend all day in a classroom, all afternoon on the field, and all evening at work, and then still go home to do what they demanded of themselves twelve hours previously: study AP Sets.

Are we talking about the same generation?

Because I see kids…

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