One-Way Streets

Have you ever driven down a one-way street, all lanes occupied-when suddenly a car is heading directly toward you-obviously going the wrong direction?  This happened to me today.

I was going the right direction.  Other cars on the  road were also going the right way. The wrong way driver didn’t appear to be slowing, so swift action was needed.  Even though the other drivers continued moving ahead, I slowed down and began to honk my horn.

Thankfully this got their attention. The wandering driver swerved across the lanes of traffic and into a parking lot.  A little shaken, but safe, I continued to my destination.  Part of me wanted to make sure the confused driver was ok, but turning around was not possible.

The experience made me think-people are sometimes like the cars on the street today.  We move along this path of life full speed ahead, confident in our choices and direction.  Surrounded by fellow travelers, we encourage each other to remain on the right road.

But what happens when we meet a confused wanderer going the wrong way?  

We could do nothing, resulting in a clash.  Arguments over who was right would certainly ensue.  Neither party taking time to listen.  We might swerve and go around, leaving them in their state of confusion.  Or maybe we should slow down, stop, and meet the stranger right where they are-in the middle of the road.

Before answering the question, we must remember-at some point each of us is the wandering traveler, confused, and in need of guidance. Especially when going the wrong direction down a one-way street.

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