Hello Stranger

I saw you
Ten years
From now
Or maybe
It was fifteen
My perception
Of time seems
To be changing
With its passing
In any case
It certainly could
Have been you
Or at least
The future you
I sometimes imagine…
Faded jeans
Plaid shirt
White hair
Just a little
On the sides
Perhaps a little shorter
We do eventually
Start shrinking

Purposefully walking
Into a local
Coffee shop
I smiled but refrained
From saying hello
Wonder if he’s picking up a London Fog just for me?

Spoonful of Honey

When considering
Items in my kitchen
Which one do
I most resemble
Smooth pottery mug
Patiently waiting
To hold warm coffee
Or comforting tea
Maybe a teaspoon
Carrying sweet sugar
Or golden honey
Some days I am warm
Sweet and comforting
But there are other days,
Days I can be more like
The cheese grater
If I’m not careful
Careful to think
Before I speak
Careful to get
Enough rest
Oh, I don’t
Want to be
The cheese grater
Fussy, irritating
No-I’d much prefer
The spoonful of honey
I’m sure that is
Your preference, too