Talking to Myself

I do not like conflict. At least not when it requires difficult conversations. My emotions tend to get in the way of reason. Not that my feelings are negative. They just sometimes cloud what I really want to say.

I think that is one reason writing is so helpful. I often refer to it as therapy. The process allows me to put thoughts as well as emotions on paper. Words give my feelings a voice while helping me understand them.

When I wrote the following poem, it was not intended to be serious. I was imagining a funny conversation with myself. But the more I considered the words, a different message emerged.

Maybe if I took the time to talk to myself before I talk to someone else, conversations would not be so difficult after all. Seeing my reflection in the mirror, making sure my frame of mind is right. And then approaching another from the perspective of kindness and respect.

Not necessarily stress-free, but most likely more productive.

I think I will keep right on talking to myself. Maybe you should give it a try! 😉

I’m Listening

Please come in
I say to myself
Have a seat in
Your favorite chair

Coffee? Thank you.
That would be nice
We have much
To talk about

Yes, I know you
Prefer to listen
But not today-It’s
Your turn to talk

My head is full
Of thoughts you
Know-Time to
Say them out loud

Nervous? Well, yes
A little, I suppose
But you are right
I will give it a try

Don’t be afraid
I say to myself
Just start talking
I’m listening

Family Dinner

I love the times when our family gets together. I wrote a poem some weeks ago about that very subject, and this evening brought it to mind.

Today was the first day for teachers to report back to school. A long day for me and my daughter, Rachel. A long day for my husband in his role with school technology.

The first day back is always tiring. The alarm goes off so early. And add to that our current health concerns with Covid-19, the stress levels are high.

Enter my brother-in-law, Martin. He is in town for a few days, doing some work around my mother-in-law’s house. And he offered to make dinner for the whole family.

Dinner on this first day of reporting back to school. And not just any dinner-ribeye steaks, asparagus, salad, and grilled peaches. What a treat!

We sat around the table laughing, enjoying the company. We felt loved. Refilled so that we can pass on that love. What a special place to be. ❤

At the Table

Family and friends
On either side
Faces lighting up the room
Enjoying a favorite meal
A warm cup of coffee
Creating new memories
While recalling old ones
What about a stranger?
A favorite meal
Not yet known
No memories to share
Only ones to create
Taking a chance
Caring enough to ask
About a favorite meal
Offer a warm cup of coffee
A timeless lesson-
The people at the table
Matter more than
What is being served-
And before anything else,
Love must be given
A seat at the table

No Reason

I notice you smiling
And ask why
Oh, no reason, you reply
Your answer doesn’t satisfy
But asking again
Might seem a little pushy
So, I simply keep watching

I see your smile fade
And ask why
Oh, no reason, you reply
Your answer doesn’t satisfy
This time I push
Ever so gently
And ask once again

Are you ok
I smile and say
Waiting until you
Share the reason
Behind the expression
Only then do I see
Your smile return

Then, I continue
Watching you smile
So as not to miss
Another moment
When you answer
No reason-but mean
Exactly the opposite

From Me to You by John Lennon and Paul McCartney