Simply Sunday

More Than Enough

Tiny feet

Not typically

What I would

Notice about you

And yet, there

You were

Quickly crossing

The busy street

In front of me

I slowed a bit

Smiled as you

Made it to safety

I wonder why you didn’t fly?

After all, you do have wings

Yet, for a reason

Unknown to me

You chose

Not to use them

Perhaps the wind

Was too strong

The distance

Too short

No matter

Your resolve

Shone thru

With each tiny step

I suppose


Tiny steps

Are more

Than enough

5 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. This is precious, Kelley. 🤍 Oh, do tell who had the tiny feet. A little bird? I know the wind here, sadly, keeps me from spreading my wings and doing the outdoor things I so love (that coupled with allergies!). Have a beautiful and blessed week, my friend.

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