What is the motive
Behind my words?
To cover ugliness
Buried deep
Inside my core
Or reflect light
Bright enough
To blind hatred

Deceitful smiles
Worked tirelessly
To transform those
Once-searching into
Icy, cold stones
Harboring lies
Spewing hatred
Difficult to erase

Will kind sincerity
With no motive for self
Thaw angry hearts?
Is love strong enough?
Can it push thru the cracks?
My hope remains
Even though today
My heart is broken

9 thoughts on “Motive

  1. Even though I am Canadian, what happened yesterday spills over into my home. My heart. My mind. It unsettles me. It disturbs me. It makes my heart feel like it is broken.
    And then I remember. A broken heart is an open heart and an open heart is a loving heart.
    I can only believe Kelley that yes, love will prevail. And miracles happen.

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  2. Kelley,

    I appreciate your poem in so many ways. I especially like your opening question,
    “What is the motive
    Behind my words?”
    As a human, it is easy to speak quickly, sometimes I wish I could take my words back. I am always seeking to understand, to learn, to listen from a place of love.
    I choose to see the brokenness of our country as an opportunity to grow forward toward freedom and justice for all, not just some. I stand with you in active hope.
    Take good care of yourself,

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