Time Passes

Time is a funny thing. Looking at the clock, I see the seconds ticking away. Always the same, steady beat.

And yet, I foolishly think I have some control over its passing. Certain moments I try my hardest to slow down as if they will last longer. Others I try to push ahead, wanting them to be over already.

Here’s to taking each moment as it comes-all steady, sixty-seconds of it.

Stopping Time

What if I lie
Perfectly still
In the dark
Breaths shallow
Muscles relaxed
Surely time will
Stop for a moment
Allowing me a
Space to hold
One single note
Ringing in the air
A reminder of
Joy that sings
Even when
Days are hard
A simple request
One moment
Frozen in time
Melting away only
As your hand reaches
Through the darkness
To take hold of mine


Looking for the
Fast-forward button
Feeling like life
Is busy taking
Seldom giving
Desire to connect
Difficult to maintain
When physical touch
Is discouraged-
But time passes
No faster than
On the days
We can walk
Hand in hand
Arm in arm
Whispering in
One another’s ears
No-there is no
Fast-forward button
To be found
So, I wait
Ready for
Winter to pass
Flowers to bloom
Friends to embrace

4 thoughts on “Time Passes

  1. Time is a limitless subject, sometimes going faster, other times going slower, but never does time stop for us…
    “Time Needs No Command”

    The white moon has fallen late
    A new daytime awaits
    Rollover out of dream time
    Rollover to the edge of time
    Leave midnight’s caressing lullaby
    And discover the blue curtain sky

    It’s time to stretch and yawn
    It’s time to feel the misty dawn
    Stand in front of time’s open hands
    Stand stoically upon time’s ancient land’s

    The cloudy skies of daylight do fly
    As moments of time flow swiftly by
    Time moves on, needing no command
    The sands of time, wait for no man

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