Warm Blanket

Cold outside
Sun is shining
Sky is blue
But the air…brrr
Perfect paradox
When the visual
And physical
Do not match
Cold chills
My bones
As sunlight
Warms my face
One unable to
Fully exist
The other
If my skin
Never felt
A chill, there’d
Be no joy in
A warm blanket
If my heart
Never knew
An icy touch
It would not
Know the warmth
Of your affection
Able to melt the
Coldest memories

There are only four days until Christmas. Our celebration will look different this year. Memories will be made, even while embracing sadness.

I’m choosing to view this year with a new perspective. One that looks inward, not tied to tradition simply for the sake of tradition. Digging deep for the joy that does not disappear when mixed with sadness.

Believing this challenging year will teach us more about what truly matters. Helping us look back with fondness at Christmas past and look ahead with hope to Christmas future.

10 thoughts on “Warm Blanket

  1. Love your positive attitude. Love your poem. But I have to ask: What is this “blue sky” of which you speak?

    You’re right, Sister: trying times teach us valuable lessons. Be well; better days ahead. Peace.

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