The journey was
Not always what I
Thought it would be-
Rocking chairs
And lullabies
Bike rides and
Skinned knees
Tiny pieces of
A bigger picture
An incomplete map
Unfolding one
Step at a time-
The middle leg
Of the journey
Was much harder
A trusty compass
Guided through
Growing pains
Broken hearts
Moving, marriage
Letting go while
Pushing forward-
Current stopover
Mixes deep joy
With sadness
Yet, comfort is
Found in knowing
The sweet souls
Entrusted to me
Had safe passage
Along this path of
Discovering what it
Means to be a mom

6 thoughts on “SAFE PASSAGE

  1. Moms do an incredible job, and their task this year has been stretched beyond normal requirements…(Oh, its was wonderful to see you at Ali’s meeting)…


    After I had left the hem
    Without women
    I could not have survived, my time
    I would not have braved, the climb
    Ladies you are my rhyme
    My mothers of thyme

    Helping me roll away the stone
    Maintaining these old bones
    Repairing the bridges, I’ve burnt
    Reciting the messages, I’ve learnt
    Cheering from the sidelines
    Supporting these broken designs
    Women for rhymes
    Mothers for a lifetime

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