Talking to Myself

I do not like conflict. At least not when it requires difficult conversations. My emotions tend to get in the way of reason. Not that my feelings are negative. They just sometimes cloud what I really want to say.

I think that is one reason writing is so helpful. I often refer to it as therapy. The process allows me to put thoughts as well as emotions on paper. Words give my feelings a voice while helping me understand them.

When I wrote the following poem, it was not intended to be serious. I was imagining a funny conversation with myself. But the more I considered the words, a different message emerged.

Maybe if I took the time to talk to myself before I talk to someone else, conversations would not be so difficult after all. Seeing my reflection in the mirror, making sure my frame of mind is right. And then approaching another from the perspective of kindness and respect.

Not necessarily stress-free, but most likely more productive.

I think I will keep right on talking to myself. Maybe you should give it a try! 😉

I’m Listening

Please come in
I say to myself
Have a seat in
Your favorite chair

Coffee? Thank you.
That would be nice
We have much
To talk about

Yes, I know you
Prefer to listen
But not today-It’s
Your turn to talk

My head is full
Of thoughts you
Know-Time to
Say them out loud

Nervous? Well, yes
A little, I suppose
But you are right
I will give it a try

Don’t be afraid
I say to myself
Just start talking
I’m listening

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