We love to celebrate birthdays in our family.  The celebration may not always include a huge party.  Cake, candles, ice cream, and presents, however, are guaranteed!  Although we see birthdays as a time to celebrate, they also serve as a time for reflection.

This past December I celebrated my 50th birthday…50 years!  That sounds like such a long time, tho it doesn’t necessarily feel that way.   Truth is, the passing of time seems to increase in speed with each year.  I have found this particularly true during the high school and college years of my children.  On many occasions I’ve been know to say, “Time is flying by, and I’m hanging on for dear life to its coattails!”

With this passing of time comes reflection.  How have I grown as a person?  Have I made progress in some area?  What about my life has changed?  Searching for answers to these questions often brings blurry pictures, making me uncertain of my growth.  But I’m discovering that writing down my thoughts sometimes offers clarity.  As my mom recently said, “Things do look different when put on paper.”  Words of wisdom.

As I was preparing myself for my 50th birthday, and believe me it took a lot of mental preparation,  I wrote the following poem.  Hope you enjoy!

 Yesterday I looked in the mirror
 Life out in front
 Bright Eyes
 Today I looked in the mirror
 Half of life behind
 Laugh lines
 Tomorrow I will look in the mirror again
 Where did life go?
 Gray hair

2 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Beverly Howard

    So True! This month will be my 50th . It’s so hard in so many ways.. the wrinkles, the things you thought you would have accomplished by now. It’s a very hard age for me. Thank you for your thoughts and struggles, they are not in vein !


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